World Cup 1930

USA 1930 World Cup Uruguay

It might surprise you to learn that the United States of America came third in the first ever World Cup. Uruguay won it, beating Argentina in the final. Argentina, themselves, had beaten the United States 6-1 in the semi-final, although the USA had a bucket load of bad luck, with two players injured during the game. Three goals came in the last five minutes, as did Jimmy Brown’s consolation in the 89th minute. Uruguay were celebrating the centenary of their constitution. They were the reigning Olympic champions, from 1928.

The Final was played in the Estadio Centenario. Due to it being the first ever World Cup, there were the usual problems with getting countries to enter. Thirteen teams made the trip: seven from South America, four from Europe and one from North America. The four Home Nations were invited, even though they had resigned from FIFA.

The USA were managed by Robert Millar from Paisley. Five of the players were born in Scotland, one in England . This might be just a statistic for many of them, who emigrated to the USA, when they were young. However, the Scotch Professor influence on American football was very strong. The culture of many clubs was Scottish.

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